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Maui Musts

Sun BlockHawaiian Tropic SPF 50

Don't even think about going out in the Maui sun without a strong, strong sun block. As I mentioned elsewhere on this site, I thought it was pretty cool to slather on some Hawaiian Tropic oil (which smells great by the way!) and go bake for a few hours in the midday sun. Idiot. (Have I mentioned the melanoma I got, where they took an ice cream scoop to my leg?) Don't do this!

I still favor Hawaiian Tropic, but now use their lotion with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 50. You might not want to go that high, but they have a wide variety. You should be able to get this at your local Walgreens.

SunglassesMaui Jim Sunglasses

Your second most important purchase. The local favorite, of course, is Maui Jim's.


flip flopsI wouldn't go to Maui without this foot ware. They are just too convenient. They're cool, comfortable and extremely practical. Whether you're getting out of the pool or out of the Pacific, they're so easy to just slip on.

Speaking of slipping on though -- be careful. Some brands don't have very good "gripping" souls and if the souls aren't textured enough (or textured at all!), you're really increasing the odds of landing on your bottom when you slip on the wet deck or floor.