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Here in the Water on Maui


The first water sport most people would think of when the think Maui.

Check out big wave tow-in surfer Dan Moore outruns a 68-foot monster at Peahi (Jaws) on Maui. (Thanks to the Hawai'i Tourism Authority for the use of their video!)

Surfing on Maui
We've got a "Surfing on Maui" Guide . You can read a couple of the pages here. If you're new to surfing, and would like to download the whole book, you can do it for five bucks here:

Rock Running


"Rock running" is a technique that surfers use to stay in shape. Kaleo.org describes it like this:

A rock runner will dive down (usually about 10 feet or so), grab hold of the rock, lean forward and start to sprint underwater while holding the rock. They run as far as they can, then let go, surface for air and repeat these steps until tired.

See our "Surfing on Maui" guide for other ways surfers get and stay in shape.

Kite Boarding

Kiteboarding MagazineThere's an excellent website on Maui kite boarding called "Action Sports Maui." They have training in all the watersports, not just kite boarding, so if you're on Maui (or going there) and want to get trained by the pros, call them: 1 (808) 871-5857.

If you want to keep current and learn all about kite boarding, get yourself a subscription to the mag. They've got pricing guides, product reviews, pointers and interviews with top kite boarders, among other things. (Just click on the magazine cover to get signed up.)