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I've loved Maui since I first set foot on her beautiful soil.

Well, OK, the second time I set foot on her beautiful soil.

I went there a few years back with my boyfriend for a relaxing vacation and we wound up getting married while we were there. Romantic, tropical Maui tends to do that to people. It wasn't easy back then to just impulsively get married, let me tell you. We had to carry our blood samples across the island for the requisite blood tests for the marriage license! (Can you imagine doing that these days?)

The marriage lasted 13 years...

My love for Maui lasted forever. I've been there every year or so since then (and I've got the melanoma scars to prove it...ah, the stupidity of pale white women in tropical sun.)

My point (and I do have one) is that whenever I visit Maui I feel like I'm coming home. I can't explain it, it's just a feeling I get whenever I step off that plane and onto the tarmac at Kahului Airport. Well, actually, you don't step onto the tarmac anymore since they've modernized the airport. But it's the concept -- when I first step foot on Maui soil.

So, I created this website.  If you love Maui (or are planning your first visit, at which point you will love Maui) I'm inviting you along. Have a look around my site. I've tried not to just have a data dump site. There are plenty of specialty sites to help you with airlines, hotels, etc. You can find links to those in the "Resources" section of "Here On Maui."

I've tried to include more personal, fun and interesting stuff about Maui. I always take pictures when I'm there, and you probably do, too. So, I've got a section where I've put a few of my favorite photos. If you've got a favorite Maui photo, very soon you will be able to add yours as well.

If you run across something Maui related that you'd like to know more about, just send me your request from my contact form, and I'll try to find out more for you.

So, have at it.  Aloha and Maui No Ka Oi (you can find out what this means on the "Home Grown Maui" page.)


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